Fysiotherapie HOF

Medical taping

Fhysiotherapie Hof uses the classic (white) tape and medical taping.

Classic Tape
The classic white tape is often used as an intervention to prevent injuries. The main feature of this tape is restricting certain joint movement after injury or providing joint stability.

Medical Taping
Medical or Kinesio tape can be applied in the middle of workouts or events in the case of sudden injury. It’s extremely strong and can be applied with different tension strengths. Medical tape essentially stabilizes an area to prevent any further damage.

The difference between classic and medical tape is that the latter still allows for range of motion. Medical tape is very thin and sticks well. It is ventilating, skin-friendly and anti allergic. The tape is applied to a dry and grease free skin. Depending on the technique used, the tape will remain attached between four to ten days. During that time, you can continue your sport, have showers or even take a swim with it.

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